Creativity is contagious, pass it on!

Creativity is contagious, pass it on!

Looking back to our 2015 GENERATIONS ART SHOW, we do so with a sense of accomplishment, it is with passion, persistence and emotional strength that art is created and then taken a step further to be shared. One of the greatest ego boosts is related to that which one accomplishes, it is the doing. Calling ourselves artist matters to each of us but what is paramount is doing our art and doing the art show, this doing enhances our self-worth. You, our visitors contributed to this boost, this sense of accomplishment, thank you.

There is a favored quote, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”, by Thomas Merton. In a small but significant way we find ourselves and lose ourselves by creating our art, by doing art. With a desire to capture our inner world of joy and struggle, we drew a piece of ourselves. You were a part of our visual story, as you glanced across our art pieces, we aspire that your impression is that as artists, we pour our soul into doing art. By doing last year’s show, we hope you came with curiosity, to understand, to empathize, and to be transported into our journey of finding ourselves and losing ourselves.

Our fund raising efforts from just 9 artists generated monies to donate to both Operation Welcome Home and Sunshine Acres Children’s Home. Making a difference in the community through artwork, our fund raising generated raffle prizes, sponsor gifts, and artists’ art-card donations. This year, we have 20 artists and a larger goal to accomplish for fund raising. Through our art, we strive to bring visibility to what we care about and contribute to our communities.

Over 300 hundred delightful and supportive visitors on a beautiful Arizona Saturday came to the GENERATIONS ART SHOW at the Art Intersections Gallery in Gilbert. The best part are the contacts we made with each other, the people to people connections. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on!” We pass this creativity amongst our collective of artists and, with some of this creativity, we strive to connect with you, to pass it on to you.

Looking forward to our efforts again this year culminating in doing an art show, to share our creations with you; our families, friends and larger community, donate to charity, connect with each other and build esteem along the way. We will be doing our next GENERATIONS ll ART SHOW in Nov 2016.

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.” Kurt Vonnegut

Helen Rowles Artist & Teacher: The Epitome of Professionalism and Skill

Helen Rowles Artist & Teacher: The Epitome of Professionalism and Skill

As students, we started art class with an appetite to learn how to draw. With a desire to learn and subsequent development as artists and show creators, we were initially and continue to be connected by one person. Allow me to introduce you to Helen Rowles, our esteemed art teacher.

Helen is the epitome of professionalism; possessing a myriad of praiseworthy qualities. Daily she exhibits a desire to guide student progress; she graciously and generously gives of her time to our growth during class and out of class.

Clarity, style and attention to detail describe her teaching style. With genuineness, she exhibits hi regard, respect, kindness and a determination for each student to excel. Add a delightful sprinkling of humor which is infused in her teaching and a nurturing and motivational environment is established where each student can venture into artistic risk taking, pushing the limits of skill levels and having fun while doing so.

Differentiated instruction at its best is the status quo, she is highly effective in that she provides different students with different avenues to learning. Helen teaches the whole group and individually re-teaches to the varied levels of students, re-teaching and adapting techniques as many times as needed to achieve success. Perceiving each of our personalities; addressing individual strengths and needs while augmenting our zeal for art, are exemplary qualities.

Possessing breadth and depth in teaching is paramount, it defines and classifies teaching at a higher level. Helen’s breadth of teaching delivers the full span of knowledge on drawing, she shares that knowledge creatively and repeatedly with each student. The depth of her teaching cultivates exploration and amplification of our subject matter in detail before and while transforming our ideas onto paper. This combined breadth and depth skill set in her teaching deepens our fervor for learning to create visual art.

Student comments as to Helen’s character qualities include: varied artistic methods, exhumes a positive nurturing and ego free classroom environment,  her enthusiasm and positive encouragement helps all of her students develop and bring forth all of their inner artistic talents.

Words from students for Helen, inspiring, kind, motivating, friendly, she is a most skilled and talented artist and her work is gorgeous.

More statements include: patiently explains and shows how to create an effect. She is humble, calm, and diligent in her teaching skills. In spite of her hardships she is positive and focused on each of her students.

Celebratory achievements are too numerous to denote here but do need to be recognized. Visit Helen’s website:, to review both her beautiful art and art community accomplishments.

This acknowledgement is an attempt at a simple thank you and much too modest for what we given.

As artists, we have been given a gift, we leave each of Helen’s class with new skills in drawing. Per the quote below, she paints our desire to learn in beautiful colors and helps us to see visual art through the prism of creativity. The classroom instruction teaches us to tap into our potential by developing our skills and talents in creating visual art.

Our passion for art is continuously re-ignited by Helen, her contribution to us is immense and an ongoing inspiration for our continued growth and success in the visual arts. She is in a word… extraordinary.

“Your life is painted in a multitude of beautiful colours, and you’re always looking at it through the prism of creativity.” -Adele

By Helen Rowles Art Students


Lavender Tea: Print by Helen Rowles available as a raffle prize.


“Lavender Tea”, print by Helen Rowles will be available as a raffle prize.

Communicating through Art

Communicating through Art

As an introvert, finding just the right words to express myself has been a lifelong challenge. At times, thoughts about interacting in social situations can elicit numerous questions: who will be there, how to engage in chitchat, what will the conversations entail, will there be an opportunity to maintain anonymity or who will I know, where will I stand, and whatever will I do with my hands?

While I can socialize, it does not come easily. I admire extroverts who are energized and recharged by social interaction. Extroverts seem able to dialogue so smoothly and eloquently. In contrast as an introvert, I take pleasure in alone time, preferring to stay at home and stay in my head. This dedicated time to myself is energizing and allows me time to process the world around me before communicating with it.

Creating art is an extremely nourishing and rewarding way to be in solitude with my thoughts and emotions. Being absorbed in art provides me the opportunity to: focus and sustain concentration, explore and enhance my inward understanding, problem solve, develop and strengthen ideas, allow curiosity to flow, develop sensitivity and empathy for others, self-motivate, and expand on waking dreams and night dreams. I can be completely lost in a sea of thoughts and immensely comforted by it.

As an art-maker, I transform this sea of thoughts, the intangible and abstract ideas into tangible and concrete visual images. Captivating ideas, fantasies and dreams can be joyful but difficult to convert into spoken language. As an introvert, my visual image and its story is a profound one in that I can connect my thoughts and emotions to the outside world. Through my art, without words, I can tell you my story about life and that which is unabashedly meaningful to me. Finding this distinctive way of communicating with the unspoken visual language of art has been wondrous.

Through experience and finding the right tools to communicate, I learned how to thrive as an introvert living in an extroverted world. In social settings, I can now enthusiastically talk about art; my art and others’ art. Other compensation skills utilized in social settings include: rehearse the apropos chatter, have some communication scripted in advance, do not forego any opportunity to ask interest questions of others, use relaxation techniques, wear comfortable clothing with pockets for containing the hands, and find a welcoming place to stand.

Above and beyond social norms, creating art has brought a new passion and a new communication into my life. Art is a type of freedom in that it provides refuge and pleasure as an expressive outlet and communication tool unequal to other sanctuaries and delights. I long for it. I learn from it. I relish it. I treasure it.

In Mind and Heart by Maria Cristina Hornyan

“To be creative you must create a space for yourself where you can be undisturbed… separate from everyday concerns.” ~ John Cleese

Gallery 4 – Art Intersections in Gilbert Arizona

Gallery 4 – Art Intersections in Gilbert Arizona

Located in the historical section of downtown Gilbert, Gallery 4 is a unique part of the Art Intersections Gallery.

What Gallery 4 is all about…

Exhibitions and programs in Gallery 4 invite the viewer to engage in personal reflection and conversation regarding social, environmental, and cultural topics. Art presented in Gallery 4 provokes thinking and stimulates dialogue for the exchange of ideas as well as community engagement.

Through the presentation of art for advocacy, we intend to transform our immediate personal experience to a broader perspective of our collective and individual humanity.

GENERATIONS – Art can transcend future generations.

Creating art is a catalyst for appreciating the beauty around us, being inspired by others, developing social bonds, harnessing emotional power and building a connection to community around us. Creating art, any art in fact; music, writing, painting, expresses life, challenges thought and creates hope.

With just a simple glance, art evokes a feeling… art transcends you, me, our ancestors and future generations.

You are invited to engage or just observe on November 7th anytime from 10:00 am – 4:00pm.
Serving free Hors d’oeuvres and refreshments.

Highlights From 2014 Art Show

Highlights From 2014 Art Show

For the last few years we ‘closet artists’ have met on Monday nights to have an uninterrupted time to work on our various art pieces.

Art leads to conversation… discussing goals, personal dreams, visions and connection.

As artists practicing fine art for years, and very passionate on the subject of art and community; our group sought to make a difference in the community through artwork.

We have a vision.

As a group, our vision became clear for an art show and we identified 2 charities that we wanted to support in our community art show.

• Relay for Life – supporting cancer awareness
• and Arts for Abused children of Arizona

We went to work to bring it all together. Identifying and planning the gallery space, the art packets, marketing/promotion, Press releases, space planning, food, raffles and sponsors.

Our team worked to bring the visibility and support to the show, sponsors and our charities. It’s amazing what happens when you get a group of creative people together with a vision!

We had over 200 visitors to our gallery in just 2 hours and the support was amazing. Even for a stormy rainy day.

Our sponsors donated to the cause which included cash donations to help with the space expense and our raffle supporters donated great prizes… a guitar, nights in hotels, flowers for a year, all kinds of goodies.

But the best part… we raised over $1,500 for our charities.

This year, we have 10 artists and a larger goal. Through art we strive to bring visibility to the things we care about and make a difference.

Art: Stargazer by Maria Cristina Hornyan