Inspiration Comes to Us

Inspiration Comes to Us

I am transformed. The process was an unobtrusive and unexpected one, a quiet and total surprise. The words of Brenda Ueland, “Inspiration comes to us slowly and quietly… prime it with a little solitude” fit me so well, as if she wrote these words specifically for me. In solitude during periods of soul searching, I am pleasantly lost in exploring my inner world. An idea can surge within suddenly but to further develop that inspiration into art takes time. To add my uniqueness to the idea, to make it my own, it is a slow and quiet course to be inspired.

As I reflect on this growth, where I started as an art student and where I am today, I can see beyond my once narrow world. I am able to see the subtleties of line, shape, color, space, form, value, and texture within a face, within a tree, within architecture. Ahhhh and capturing the heart and soul, the beauty of those nuances in visual art, is undoubtedly sheer pleasure.

Visually re-creating the heart and the soul has brought new learning and continues to be an ongoing study challenge. My learning, my art is not complete, when one goal is achieved, new goals emerge to give expression to the beauty within me as I embrace the beauty around me. What a lovely and healthy obsession, training to see beauty, the more I see beauty, the more I recognize it surrounding me, the more beauty I see and so on.

With just a simple glance, art evokes an emotion. I am astounded by the art I am now am able to create.

In humility, I write these words because I also marvel to see the artwork of peers. I am moved by what I see. In deep introspection where there are no words, art gives a tangible visual expression to this emotional place within me. Being inspired and creating visual art is a cathartic experience. This awakening emotion related to art, this practice is sublime.

The transformation, I now see beauty all around me, this on of itself is spectacular, but to feel this beauty to feel it at the heart and soul level is an ethereal feeling. As inspiration comes to me, I am pursuing each slowly as to savor every moment, extending the ethereal feeling. Creating art has changed me exponentially for the better. And with each inspiration that comes to me and the exquisite evolution of feeling, seeing and creating beauty all around me ends with a smile, bliss and culminates with…an inner peace.
~ Maria Cristina Hornyan

Communicating through Art

Communicating through Art

As an introvert, finding just the right words to express myself has been a lifelong challenge. At times, thoughts about interacting in social situations can elicit numerous questions: who will be there, how to engage in chitchat, what will the conversations entail, will there be an opportunity to maintain anonymity or who will I know, where will I stand, and whatever will I do with my hands?

While I can socialize, it does not come easily. I admire extroverts who are energized and recharged by social interaction. Extroverts seem able to dialogue so smoothly and eloquently. In contrast as an introvert, I take pleasure in alone time, preferring to stay at home and stay in my head. This dedicated time to myself is energizing and allows me time to process the world around me before communicating with it.

Creating art is an extremely nourishing and rewarding way to be in solitude with my thoughts and emotions. Being absorbed in art provides me the opportunity to: focus and sustain concentration, explore and enhance my inward understanding, problem solve, develop and strengthen ideas, allow curiosity to flow, develop sensitivity and empathy for others, self-motivate, and expand on waking dreams and night dreams. I can be completely lost in a sea of thoughts and immensely comforted by it.

As an art-maker, I transform this sea of thoughts, the intangible and abstract ideas into tangible and concrete visual images. Captivating ideas, fantasies and dreams can be joyful but difficult to convert into spoken language. As an introvert, my visual image and its story is a profound one in that I can connect my thoughts and emotions to the outside world. Through my art, without words, I can tell you my story about life and that which is unabashedly meaningful to me. Finding this distinctive way of communicating with the unspoken visual language of art has been wondrous.

Through experience and finding the right tools to communicate, I learned how to thrive as an introvert living in an extroverted world. In social settings, I can now enthusiastically talk about art; my art and others’ art. Other compensation skills utilized in social settings include: rehearse the apropos chatter, have some communication scripted in advance, do not forego any opportunity to ask interest questions of others, use relaxation techniques, wear comfortable clothing with pockets for containing the hands, and find a welcoming place to stand.

Above and beyond social norms, creating art has brought a new passion and a new communication into my life. Art is a type of freedom in that it provides refuge and pleasure as an expressive outlet and communication tool unequal to other sanctuaries and delights. I long for it. I learn from it. I relish it. I treasure it.

In Mind and Heart by Maria Cristina Hornyan

“To be creative you must create a space for yourself where you can be undisturbed… separate from everyday concerns.” ~ John Cleese