Meet The Artists

Artwork from left to right

Wonder ~ Acrylics & Pastels

African Girl ~ Sepia & Pastels

Mali Woman ~ Pastels

Magnetic ~ Charcoal

Girl with a Pearl Earring ~ Pastel

Antonetta (Netta) Dill

Life changing events can take us to a very special place where time doesn’t exist. The only reality that we are aware of is the beautiful presence of our own soul.
I was born and raised in Croatia, came to the United States in 1999, and moved with my husband to Arizona in 2003 where we live with our two wonderful boys.
My love for art was established back when I was just a little girl who spent countless hours drawing and coloring. Now, as an adult I know that art is my voice beyond the words, a voice that communicates feelings and tells my story.
At one point of my life art was my therapy after the loss of our daughter in 2003. Painting and drawing helped me to enter the world where I could just be. The world where the pain was real but did not hurt as much, a world where sadness magically transformed into something special, personal, and beautiful. At that time the avalanche of creativity was rushing like a wild river from the depth of my soul.
Since then, my art and I have a very unique and secret relationship. I knew that I needed art as much as food and water to survive. It was then I decided to better myself and sign up for a drawing class at Mesa Art Center, where I met the most amazing teacher and a wonderful group of students who share the same passion.


“To be an artist is to believe in life.”
– Henry Moore