Meet The Artists

Gayle Connell

While growing up, I always remember my mother being involved in some type of painting or creative “something”. I never believed I had any talent. However, when mom and I took a ceramics class together, I found that I enjoyed the class and the time we spent together, but still lacked the talent. She always encouraged me to find something that would bring me happiness, “like painting will.” It wasn’t until I was much older that I took my first watercolor class through an adult ed program in 2006. I found it was fun though I wasn’t very good. Painting quieted my mind and it was fun to see what appeared on the canvas each week.
When my mother passed away in 2008 I brought many of her supplies and paintings home. As I began displaying some of her stained glass pieces, her enamel work, and her mixed media paintings, I began to think about giving painting another chance.
A few years ago I met a local artist who introduced me to the Mesa Arts Center and suggested I look into the classes offered. My first class was in acrylics, and what I learned from that class what that I really needed to learn to draw! It was in taking my first drawing class that I became very excited about all of the possibilities that were available to me through art.
Participating in this art show is stretching my comfort zone, yet at the same time it is my chance to acknowledge the talent my mom always recognized.

“Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” ~Salvador Dali