Meet The Artists

Mary Cooper

My artist signature is MaC
I was raised in VA, married my high school sweetheart while still in college. We moved to California in 1958, where we raised our 4 children. We retired and moved to AZ in 1990.
I took my first art lesson at the age of 28 but soon found it too difficult to pursue with a seven year old, twin toddlers and another baby on the way. I put the art aside and forgot about it for 40 years. Ten or so years ago I felt the need to reconnect with my creative side and enrolled at Mesa Arts Center.
I paint in oils, pencil, and pastel and have just started working with watercolor. I choose my subjects based on what they can add to my knowledge of technique for the different mediums, and I prefer to work only on original work. Most of my subjects come from photos my husband or I have taken on our travels or hikes. We both love nature and are keen observers, so I have lots of material for subjects. I have worked on some projects found on public domain internet and magazines.
I have done commissioned work and enjoy the challenge of art through other people’s eyes.

“imagination is more important than knowledge.”
– einstein